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Monitor lizard


The flora in the Erongo mountains
In the neighborhood of Omaruru, situated in western Namibia are the Erongo Mountains.

Over 60 Million years old, these volcanic ruins elevated to a height of 2300 m and a diameter of 40 KM and are the remains of the once biggest volcano south of the equator. Bordered by steep verges and the rugged interior, it is the abode of numerous wild animals, birds, plants and some farmers who have recognized this unique environment.

In the Erongo Volcano Conservancy those people came together, who by maintainable usufruct, want to preserve the richdom of the diverse presence of nature to protect and take care of this for their descendants. Further to cherish, protect and safeguard the numerous evidences of the original inhabitants, as well as to fight poaching.

In this milieu of mutual aim and resolutions, it is for each member to find his own way to adapt to the reality, as can be seen from the different offers hereunder.
We would be glad to welcome you personally, so that we can let you take part in our aims and goals regarding the conservation of our environment. Please do consider, that your visit in our area will help to create and maintain jobs for the local people.
The goal and meaning of development aid is known to you all, therefore, whilst enjoying an unforgettable holiday in Namibia you can help indirectly towards the development, education and well being of all inhabitants of our country.

Our members are:

Eileen Guest farm
Kuduberg Hunting- & Guest farm
Ombu Hunting- & Guest farm
The view into the Erongo mountains

Satelite photo of the Erongo mountains

Erongo mountains after a good rainy season

View from the western side towards the Erongo mountains
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